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Mackie DL-32R

32 channel wireless digital mixer/recorder

For more serious mixing applications, I offer the Mackie DL32R.  A 32-channel digital mixer controlled via an iPad app, Mackie’s Master Fader. Working with this unit is a truly pleasure, it frees you to walk about the venue and control the mix from anywhere in the house.   It also offers a power division of workflow not possible on a mixer with a single control surface.  One technician can work on the main house mix from one iPad, while a monitor technician can work onstage with the band on another iPad and offer a totally different mix each monitor.  At the same time a drum technician can be working on a drum of percussion subgroup on his iPad.  In addition to those small miracles of modern sound, it’s offers 32 track recording capabilities, with a full complement of effects, equalization, gate, and compression on each channel.    It’s amazing, a studio in a box!  A wireless router and iPad are included with your rental.